Golf Lessons

There are basically two categories of golf lessons; Group and Individual

Group Lessons or clinics are ideal for those golfers who have the same needs or interests and therefore will be getting the same information, for example:
  • Beginners            
  • Juniors                  
  • Ladies                 
  • Business leagues
  • Golf schools
  • Corporate outings
and so on…or when the instruction is concentrated on one specific subject, for example: 
  • Chipping               
  • Driving
  • Sand Shots           
  • Putting  
The main advantage is lower cost. 

Private Instruction is best for golfers who have been playing awhile and may have developed problems specific to themselves, requiring an individual improvement plan and coaching.

For those just starting out who may feel uncomfortable in a group setting or simply want the instructor's individual attention, the Private Series that offers 5 lessons for the price of 4 is popular.

Private lessons are 30 minutes long.  We are usually doing a disservice to the student by going any longer.  Our instruction is concise and simple.  Our objective is to make the game easier for our students and not to over-coach.  We realize giving too much information to quickly is counterproductive.  We are here to "teach not preach"!

Lesson Rates:
Larry Bent, Head Golf Professional $50 for ½ hour lesson  
Greg Smith, Assistant Golf Professional $40 for ½ hour lesson  
  $70 for 1 hour lesson  
  $80 for 1 hour 2-person lesson  
  $90 for 1 hour 3-person lesson  
  $100 for 1 hour lesson 4 or more people