Frequently Asked Questions

Is McNary Golf Club open for public play?
 •  Yes, McNary Golf Club is open for public play until the proposed goal of 450 members is obtained. To review our schedule of daily fees, click here!

Who owns and operates McNary Golf Club?
 •  McNary Golf Club is owned by its Equity Members. The control and management of the Club and its affairs are vested in the seven member Board of Directors who are elected by the club's Equity Members. Day-to-day operations are the responsibility of the General Manager, who reports to the Board of Directors.

Are memberships in the Club transferable?
 •  Gold Equity Members have the right to resign their membership (upon sale of that membership the member will receive  80% of the going price) or sell to a private individual. Corporate 80% redemption.

Will there be assessments for improvements on the golf course or the clubhouse?
 •  Any and all improvements must be approved by 2/3 of equity members. Renovation of the clubhouse was done in 1994. No other expenditures are planned.

Is there a dress code?
 •  Yes. There is a dress code for the golf course and clubhouse. Members are asked to make sure their children and guests are attired in accordance to the dress code.

Is there a food minimum?
 •  No. The restaurant is a private enterprise and will remain open to the public.

What are the fees for lockers and bag storage?
 •  There is no locker fee, and golf club storage is $60 per year, billed monthly.

What are green fees for non-members?
 •  Public fees apply until McNary completes privatization. After that point only members and their guests will be allowed to play at McNary Golf Club.